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Hi from Rotchana's Retreat on Mekong

The “wet” season has arrived here now, thunderstorms in the evenings which are quite refreshing to say the least, cools the air down considerably and usually only last half an hour or so. The local farmers now busy as getting the rice paddies ready for planting this years crops. The fisherman from the villages busy also trying to catch a few more fish to sell before the Mekong River starts to rise and takes on the characteristic brownish hues as the wet season progresses. To me is a good time to visit as one sees the other side of country life compared to the lazy days of the “dry” season.

Weather here is starting to warm up a little with nights about 25 and days around 35 but a bit sultry , is just perfect at the moment.

Gardens at the resort now going “crazy” with the added water from the storms, orchids flowering everywhere now and the Resort is lush and green now, can’t beat natural water to boost things along

As the days warm up a little and the dry season comes to an end the sunrises over the Mekong at the Resort have become truly magic to see. With the smoke from Lao and the early morning mists combine to produce the most amazing sights. Is truly nature at its awesome best. We have now included a page on our site with some of the better sunrises, all taken within the last month or so, we hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Well that’s about it for now, for our recent guests many thanks for your patronage we truly hope you have enjoyed your stay with us and to those who have enquired and those who have booked your stay in the future months we look forward to your company.

We have included some pictures below, taken in the last month or so in and around the

Resort, hope you enjoy.

We will have another update again in a couple of months time, till then regards from Rotchana, Andy and Staff  

 This is link from TV.5come to make program at Rotchana's Retreat on Mekong

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